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We believe that everyone should have an amazing and memorable time in Las Vegas. Let’s not forget that there’s a reason that it’s called Sin City. There’s adult entertainment everywhere you look – and even if you’re not here for a  bachelor’s party (and the bachelor party strippers that inevitably follow), there’s plenty of debauchery to be had.


At, we want to introduce you to a new and exciting way to have fun. Forget about going to the strip clubs where you’ll spend a fortune to get in – and then be forced to take advantage of bottle service just so that you can have a drink. We’ll show you how Las Vegas private strippers are more exciting.


Strip clubs have a rule. You can either have full nudity or a full bar – but you can’t have both. It’s a lame rule, but it’s one that all of the clubs adhere to. It’s not much fun, either, which is yet another reason to enjoy strippers direct to your room. It allows you to tap into your mini bar (or order room service) while also experiencing full nudity.


We find some of the best strippers in Las Vegas – these are hot girls who have sinfully delightful curves and wild personalities. They know how to shake their money-makers. The best part is that they’ll shake and grind for you and you alone.


You shouldn’t have to share the attention of adult entertainers with countless other people in a club. When you order girls direct to you, they give all of their attention to YOU.

And you know what happens when you have the attention of flirty adult entertainers, don’t you? It’s your chance to make requests – you choose the music they dance to, the costumes they wear, and even the services they’ll provide once they’re done stripping. You’ll find that it’s far better than even the VIP/champagne room of the most elite strip clubs.


We bring strippers to your room so that you can enjoy the adult entertainment they have to offer without you having to leave your hotel. It’s the ultimate form of indulgence – and it’s our way of making sure that you enjoy Sin City to the fullest.

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Bringing Private Strippers to Your Hotel Room

Kick back and relax without having to fret over the rules of a strip club. You can ask for adult entertainment 24/7 with strippers direct to your room – and they’ll stay for as long as you desire.

It’s not just about stripping, either. Girls direct to your room can accompany you out on the town as well as feed into your favorite fantasies and fetishes.

Our girls direct to you offer full discretion. Everything is handled privately and in the comfort of your hotel room. And if you have a bachelor party or just want adult entertainment for a group, we can send multiple girls at a time.

Here’s the best part about private strippers – you get their full and undivided attention. It’s worth every penny – and many of our clients come back again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the strippers to your room that we have are safe – we have done extensive background checks and testing to ensure that they are safe to bring up. However, we cannot say the same for any escorts and bachelor party strippers that you may find lingering on The Strip or around the hotels.

Absolutely – just don’t flaunt that you have ordered strippers direct to your room. Instead, either direct the girl to your hotel room while you wait for her or bring her up to your room on your own.

It is legal to enjoy girls direct to your room as it is a form of companionship. You can look to them to perform a number of wild and crazy services that include dancing, accompanying you around Vegas, and more. It’s simply important to remember that prostitution is illegal in Vegas, so you cannot pay for sex. If any services happen outside of the time in which you are paying, it is between consenting adults.

The cost is going to vary dramatically based on the stripper, how many strippers, the services, and how much time you want to spend with them. While a stripper to your hotel room is more expensive than visiting them at the club, our VIP services are well worth it.

Some services can easily be booked afterward, but it depends on the schedule of the private strippers. Talk to them about what you want and what kind of availability they have.

While some of our clients wait and book the day of wanting a hot Vegas stripper, we appreciate as much advance notice as possible – especially if you want a particular escort or a special costume for the stripper.

When you travel to the city of sin, Las Vegas you want it to be an epic time you will always remember. Maybe you are traveling there for a bachelor party, and it brings to mind that famous film “The Hangover.” Your time will be more exciting and crazy then their fictional time! Minus the dead Asian guy and mind erasing drugs, right? The end credits of the film show the pictures the guys took during their trip, and you could tell they were having the time of their lives. You want that too! You need the adventure of a lifetime that will bring you memories to carry you through the boring times in your life where you are back at the office in your daily life at another boring group meeting in conference room B. Life needs a little spice at times.

A big injection of fun and what better way to get that fun is through a little high-quality Vegas entertainment? Now, I’m not talking about a trip to a boring old strip club where you watch boring strippers all glassy-eyed and interested right up against a gold plated pole in the center of a big crowded impersonal club. You deserve more than that for your bachelor fest. Bachelor party strippers to your room is the way you need to roll for you and your best guy pals. They deserve the best as well don’t they? These are guys you’ve known since childhood, cherished best friends, high school buddies, and college frat companions that have seen you through the good and the bad times. They are important and will see you through the rest of your life. The weddings, the baby showers, the kids school activities, they will be there for you so make their bachelor party one for the record books. Plus you know what makes memories other than just being together?

What WE Offer...

Why sit in a crowded lame club, when you can order one or more girls direct to you for your own private bachelor show. Our gorgeous gals will come prepared with everything you want to see for a full strip show. We’re taking the whole nine yards here where you will get to enjoy every single inch of these amazing ladies. You can peruse our selection of fabulous beauties so you get the exact ladies of your specification. Think about what you enjoy in a woman. Do you like long wavy blonde tresses with legs for days, and tits that reach the sky? We have that. Are you more turned on by raven-haired ladies that have crystal clear blue eyes, and ample hips and rear ends? Sounds pretty good as well, but for you the sky’s the limit. Perky Asian gals? We have that in spades.


Whatever your girl fantasy is we are here to make that happen. Was there a hot cheerleader back in high school that you drooled over but never had the chance to touch? Find her doppelganger on our website and make your hottest fantasy a reality by having her come up directly to your hotel suite to give you and your bachelor buddies the full strip show of your dreams. When one or more girls exotic dance for you in your suite, it’s bound to be a much better and more personalized show right in your room for your enjoyment. You’ll get so much more than just a regular lap dance. This exotic party will be amazing and the memories of our strippers in Vegas will live on in your mind for years to come.

You’ve had a lap dance in a crowded club with the girl in front of you barely dancing for you, looking around the room for her next tip or conquest. It’s not very personal, and those girls hardly care about you. Las Vegas bachelor party packages are the way to roll. If you have some of our beautiful exotic ladies come up to your personal suite to dance for you, you’ll be amazed at how much more interested in you they are. The lap dance you will receive will have you begging for more since it will BLOW YOUR MIND. Many fantasy suites in Las Vegas come with golden stripper poles especially for bachelor party fun, so when you call to book your room in Las Vegas inquire as to if your suite will have one.


You won’t regret it, since the tricks our ladies can work on a pole are quite a thing to see. It’s quite an artistic and athletic feet for them and a treat for your eyes because you can see parts of them that you will be panting desire over. The lap dances will be much better privately for you and your bachelor party group. Just picture it now, we’ll call her Candy since it’s a good stripper name. Picture Candy, the way she smells like roses and freshly lingering vanilla that smells so good you wouldn’t mind taking a bite of her, bent over your lap with her gorgeous curves on full display. Her luscious breasts pressed up against your chest. You’ve never seen a girl as good looking as her in real life. It’s like a true fantasy come to reality right in front of your eyes. Girls don’t look like this at home since all the hottest, more fabulous girls come from everywhere in the world to dance in Las Vegas for you, and your bachelor party. They love their job, and it shows. They are guaranteed to make your party the time of your life.

Have you ever seen a strip show with toys? Sounds like a grand old time to me! You’ll be amazed at what our girls direct to you can do on your very own private stage with toys. Toys! Your gal at home won’t do anything of the sort for you, but our girls will. So feel free to hire 2, 3 or 4 and more girls for this type of specialized show in the privacy of your own suite. Girl strip show with toys is something your buddies will be talking about for years to come. So what kind of toys are they going to bring to your bash? Well, we’ll leave a little bit to the imagination for that one, but it’s so titillating that you’ll be hot and bothered thinking about it.


You need to experience this for yourself. It’s epic, and it’s the only way to go for a bachelor’s extravaganza in Vegas. Those boys in “The Hangover” will have nothing on your party. It’s that awesome! Plus, after all that in room entertainment take your party on the road to visit one of our Las Vegas night clubs to make the rest of your fantasies come true. Or one of our Las Vegas swing clubs might be fun to experience too. You know you don’t have anything like this at home baby! That’s why you come to Las Vegas for the superior entertainment it has. Remember when a few years ago the Las Vegas tourism board tried to make it a family-friendly place? Well, it’s not.


It’s home to the best adults-only entertainment anywhere in the world. The Las Vegas nightlife is ready and waiting to sweep you up in its arms, and press your face against its gorgeous breasts! You know you want it. You know you need it. Make it a reality for you, because remember the new slogan for Las Vegas is “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Make memories that you’ll be whispering about to your buddies back home for the rest of your life. Take some pictures of the girls doing a strip show with their many toys. Hide them from your wife, but revisit whenever you need a little boost of pleasure in your day to day life.

You’ve seen it on the computer, in videos, and in your fantasy life in your dreams, but have you ever seen a Lesbian show live in your own hotel suite in Las Vegas? It’s one thing to see it on screen in adult videos, but another whole experience to see it right in person. You need to see a lesbian show live right in front of your face to really get turned on to the fullest degree. You and your bachelor party will be so turned on by this special show that you’ll need a few drinks to calm down, or a cold shower. Picture two exotic beauties kissing every part of each other, their bodies at ease. You’ll be able to know by the sweet smiles on their gorgeous faces.


Long lean legs tangled together. Ample, pert rear ends rubbing against each other. It’s a shame that it’s only two girls. So make it a feast. Hire 3 or more girls to do a lesbian show for each other. You won’t get the chance to see something as hot as this anywhere else in the world. Especially not in Iowa. Where you live. Because it’s boring. Boring as hell! Las Vegas is ready and waiting to show you the best time of your life, so take full advantage of it by having the best in Vegas entertainment at your fingertips, right in your suite, and ready to show you the very best time of your life. Did I mention it’s the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE? It is, and our Las Vegas girls are ready and waiting to give it to you in spades. Are you hot and bothered just thinking about it yet? Wait till the time comes, and the lesbian show will make all your deepest darkest fantasies come true. You won’t get to see this at strip clubs Vegas since it’s so much better in your own room. Las Vegas girls to you is the only way to roll like a big dog. So get ready to pant the night away looking at a lesbian show.

Have you ever had the GFE experience? Do you even know what it entails? Well, it’s only the best in quality entertainment since a GFE experience stands for “girlfriend experience.” Our girls will do even more than that because the true GFE experience is perfect for your bachelor party. Cuddling and sensuous massage will happen for you when you schedule one of our Las Vegas dates. You know you have a dream girl in mind for you and your buddies so make that happen by booking some of our exceptional girls for the whole day or night. You’ll be the kings of Vegas when you walk in the club with our gorgeous ladies on your arm.


A man isn’t really complete without a knockout gal at his side. Why try to mack on a million different girls who aren’t interested in you at various clubs in Vegas when you can have the perfect one right at your side the entire night for GFE fun. You know that one frat buddy that you have with the glasses and the pocket protector? He’s never going to score on his own, so make all his fantasies come true by having the GFE experience. It’s just that great. He’ll have the time of his poor lonely life! Take those girls with you to night clubs in Las Vegas for some extra entertainment that the Las Vegas strip clubs can’t provide. Strip clubs Las Vegas are fine, but not as fine as having the perfect girl by your side. Las Vegas nitelife is ready and waiting for you.

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