Elliot Can Be The Girl Of Your Dreams
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I’m Elliot and I am happy to meet you. I am a proud blonde and I would love to show you why we have more fun. If you have been looking for someone to be your “girlfriend” in Vegas, look no further. I am happy to take you wherever you want to go, even if it is just back to your room.


I am really the perfect girl in Vegas because I come with no strings attached. Not only will I only pay attention to you while we are out, I also give a great massage. I would be happy to help you relax after a long day in conferences, at work, or even if you spent the day at the tables.


I am extremely flexible as I am a professional. I can be your date to any type of corporate event or I can just hang out with you in your room. Whatever you want me for, I am willing to oblige. We can start out with dinner and take the evening from there. I can also just come directly to your room and help you unwind. Trust me, I am not your typical girlfriend. I am all about pleasing my men and I want you to be pleased with my services.


Trust me, I am extremely open minded so nothing you have in mind is going to surprise me. I would love to know all of your little secrets and I might just tell you some of mine. Let’s get together soon.

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