Jody Is A Stripper To Make Dreams Come True
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Hey there! I’m Jody at your service. I would love to come see you while you are in town. What are you here for? Business? Pleasure? If you are here on business chances are that you are tired after working all day. Why not let me come over and show you a good time? If you are here for pleasure, then why not make it worth the trip by calling me to stop by and see you.


Doesn’t a lovely strip tease sound fantastic? Yes, you could hit one of the strip clubs in Las Vegas and watch some girls dance, but that wouldn’t be me. At the clubs those girls are paying attention to every guy in the place. When I come direct to your room I will only be paying attention to you. Doesn’t that sound much better? Don’t you want to see my great body up close? I know that you will definitely like what you see.


If you want a true Las Vegas experience I promise to give it to you. I’ll even let you take a picture with me if you behave. After all, don’t you want your friends to see what a hot girl you were with while you were in town.

I am known throughout Sin City as one of the best strippers available. That’s because I give my clients exactly what they want. All you have to do is tell me what it is that you enjoy and I will make sure that you get the stripper experience that you want. 


What are you waiting for? Get on the phone and give me a call today.

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